lovekeepsherintheair asked: "Buffy/Faith"

when I started shipping it: oh god um. I think I started really shipping it in Graduation Day — during the coma-dream-scene, no less. I don’t know what it was that made me like them so much after that, but now when I rewatch the other episodes in season three I wonder how I didn’t see it before.

my thoughts: Faith is everything Buffy is scared to be and Buffy is everything Faith was told she couldn’t be. Even in a platonic way, they complete each other. They’ve said that maybe the reason they can’t get along is because there was never supposed to be two Slayers, but I think the PTB had a lot more to do with that than first meets the eye. Plus, their dynamic is probably one of the most clever ones I’ve seen on television — the weird tightrope-walking of hatred and admiration; fondness and competition — and the way Eliza and Sarah play off each other is actually amazing.

what makes me happy about them: Faith was Buffy’s date to homecoming ahhhhhhhhhh

what makes me sad about them: See: Enemies; Graduation Day; This Year’s Girl; Sanctuary.

things done in fanfic that annoys me: I haven’t actually read any Faith/Buffy fic — I’d love to, though, so if you guys have any favourites let me know!

things I look for in fanfic: welp I think I’d be looking for something not-angsty; probably post-BtVS; and dialogue that gets Faith’s manner of speaking down pat without saying ‘five by five’ every few lines.

my kinks: bondage, powerplay, etc

who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Any combination of Buffy, Faith, Angel, and Spike pleases me.

my happily ever after for them: They fight vampires side-by-side for the rest of their probably-short lives. There’s no wedding but Faith finds a toy ring in a cereal box and that’s a good enough confirmation for the two of them. They learn to ride motorcycles and even when they’re closer to 30 than 20, they still go dancing every time Faith gets the itch to.

who is the big spoon/little spoon: Buffy is definitely the little spoon. She just likes to be.

what is their favorite non-sexual activity: I want to say ‘slaying’ but that’s a bit too easy. Probably watching old movies, teasing Giles, and training.